BUILD THIS PINHOLE CAMERA IN 30 MINUTES. a kick out of the company's website, where you can see the “pinhole Hasselblad,” a prototype of the Viddy. Get our FREE Cooking With Kids eBook with 10 Yummy Snack. Pinhole Camera, Camera Obscura, Aperture, Odd Stuff, Photography Ideas, .. Downloadable Designs: Build Your Own Pinhole Hasselblad: TreeHugger. Set designer and illustrator Kelly Angood designed and built from cardboard a working pinhole Hasselblad camera. The cardboard camera can.

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British set and prop designer Kelly Angood has a hobby on the side: He has " created a range of functional replica objects. Their creation stems. Yes, you could make a pinhole camera from a shoebox. In fact, as a highly skilled (and likely highly attractive) Gadget Lab reader, you could. Hey folks I would like very much to use my Hasselblad C/M as a pinhole camera. I came across a cap that I was considering getting and.

I remember when I downloadd a Hasselblad Xpan, a camera that I never fell in love with. It took me several rolls to get used to composing in the long panoramic format.

I did eventually get comfortable with it, but then moved on to a panoramic 35mm back for my Bronica ETR.

Anyway, I digress. The subject of this post is the "Reality So Subtle" 6x17 medium format panoramic pinhole camera that my lovely wife gave me for my birthday. Click Here to read my post about the camera. Here are some images from my first two rolls of film through the camera.

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But either way I am looking forward to it. Got it back on Monday, let it sit through Monday and Tuesday and pieced it together this morning. It's far from perfect, but I like it.

More thoughts on the piece here: www. Originally posted 84 months ago. Alex that was great, what camera did you use? It reminds me of the first cartridge I shot.

Almost everything was out of focus haha. Sometimes those viewfinders can be not the easiest things to focus. I have 3 rolls of film on the shelf right now that need to make a trip to KS right now.

Love your movie, you mentioned that this is the first movie you ever shot in Super8 format and that this was a new to you camera, don't be so hard on yourself, you will learn. Thank you for sharing and also for giving me the boot in the ass I needed start shooting Super8 again. It all started at Christmas when we wanted to watch some old movies and the projector didn't work.You mean a company came out with a digital camera with better technology than their competitor?

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I know this is all artsy fartsy zen stuff, but man is it rejuvenating to go out with a couple frames left to shoot and only 12 more in your pocket. That, in fact, was the reason it took me as long as it has to return to film.

I did eventually get comfortable with it, but then moved on to a panoramic 35mm back for my Bronica ETR.

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